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They are the main hangouts but there are a lot more ad hoc belowground parties happening, that are only revealed by word of mouth area

They are the main hangouts but there are a lot more ad hoc belowground parties happening, that are only revealed by word of mouth area

The gay world in Lebanon

Lebanon has a few homosexual taverns and bars. But because homosexuality remains a violent offense, they prevent marketing by themselves as a€?gaya€? and alternatively say they’re a€?gay friendlya€?. This can be in order to avoid police stress rather than endanger their own permit.

Widely known a€?gay friendlya€? hangouts in Lebanon become mainly based in the investment, Beirut, which includes a€?Bardoa€? near Hamra road, a€?Franj Cafea€? in Bourj Hammoud, and a€?POSHa€? pub, additionally from inside the Bourj Hammoud area. Around 1 hour south from Beirut was a beach club also known as a€?Club 59a€? in which the Beirut gay young men choose to go out on sundays.

These are the main hangouts but there are additionally numerous ad hoc belowground parties taking place, that are only launched by-word of lips. We suggest using the homosexual matchmaking software (securely via a VPN of course!) to get in touch with residents to make use of your local gay scene to see what exactly is going on.

On top of that, definitely check out our homosexual trips help guide to Beirut setting out ideal homosexual pubs, organizations, occasions, resort hotels to remain and things to do.

Am I able to make use of Grindr in Lebanon?

Grindr try clogged in Lebanon. Since 2019, the Lebanese authorities was heavily breaking down on LGBTQ web sites and programs. It is possible to, however, nonetheless access it via a VPN, allowing you to definitely connect to Grindr via a server present outside Lebanon. Which means that it’ll be slowly, but you will remain in a position to get access to it.

We also strongly advise you to utilize a VPN when opening any website or application in Lebanon given that it will help you search anonymously, thus stopping your online usage from getting checked.


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Final point about making use of any gay relationships application in Lebanon is usually to be mindful of catfishing and phony account. Secure your own identity, best disclosing private information you’re comfortable exhibiting and most importantly of all, always adhere their abdomen effect about just who to generally meet. I encourage checking out Ditch the Label helpful pointers concerning how to identify a catfish.

Could it be secure to create social networking information in Lebanon?

You will still can posting on myspace, Instagram, Twitter etc. But, understand that the federal government heavily tracks websites in Lebanon. So if you would send anything eliminate discussing anything gay-related and steer clear of politics, particularly such a thing pertaining to Israel. Set the social media marketing setup to a€?privatea€? in your trip and make use of an effective VPN service in order to search anonymously.

During our very own browse, we generated the error of posting regarding Beirut gay scene on all of our Instagram. Even as we comprise making, we had been dropped by the General protection at Immigration and wise our brands had been a€?blacklisteda€?. We were used apart and interrogated for an hour or so. No reason was actually previously provided. We were sooner or later launched, getting informed we’re prohibited from Lebanon, we ought to n’t have been permitted to submit and would never be permitted to come back!

After investigating because of the various Embassies (the British one for me, the French for Seby plus the Lebanese Embassy in London), we still have no recognized reason why each of the names happened to be blacklisted. Neither people were to Israel before, and the names are entirely not related a€“ Stefan Arestis (UK passport) and Sebastien Chaneac (French passport). The sole plausible reason had been that our web posts have been flagged and in addition we have a very gay online position!

We’ve since heard research of different LGBTQ travellers experiencing the same issue with the General Security at Beirut Airport. As a result we highly counsel you use the security safety measures lay out in this post!

Mixed feelings about Lebanon: a lovely nation, but if you’re gay, you usually want to watch the back right here!

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